Weekly Photo Challenge- MIRROR

I love mirrors. They fascinate me.

I have spent a lot of time in the past in clicking my reflections in all sorts of mirrors and other reflecting surfaces.


Here I am, my reflection rather, in the side mirror of my scooty. The letters on the mirror read- OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.


If only these mirrors, along with people’s outer appearance, could reflect their latent side as well!  The world would have been an easier place then! What do you say?

Weekly Photo Challenge- Mirror.

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  1. Wonderful photo – love the excitement in the eyes


    1. Sucheta says:

      Another reason why I love this photo is that my eyes are unaided in this photo. Otherwise, I always have my spectacles on my nose.😃

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      1. The same with me…


      2. Sucheta says:

        Must be very reletable.

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  2. Had there been a mirror that showed people’s inner self, we would have not the opportunity to learn about life and its lessons from various kinds of people and situations.
    To know a person’s real self, test him/her in times of crisis. Such tests always work. But anyways, a provoking thought by my talented friend and a creatively shot picture too!.


    1. Sucheta says:

      Thankyou Kashvi, for a penny for your thoughts.
      Yeah definitely, you’re right.


    2. Sucheta says:

      And life would have certainly been easier with those latent-side-revealing mirrors; but what’s life if it’s easy?!

      Thankyou for your forthright and wise deliberation!😃😄


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