Weekly Photo Challenge- AWAKWEING

Since awakening is a ‘dawn’ of realization… And it ‘dawned’ upon me that all the pictures have been taken by my phone, during sunrise, on the banks of river Ganga, at the serene Assi Ghat, Varanasi, India. This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge- AWAKENING

Weekly Photo Challenge- GROWTH

Plants and kids…a general photo of these two words come to our mind the moment we think about growth. Both need cautious care to achieve their full potential and to bloom… It reminds me of a school hymn I learnt in my school days- Bloom,bloom ,bloom, Where you’re planted,. You will find your way ….

Weekly Photo Challenge- ORDER

Is ‘order’ invariably the ‘order of day’. How important it actually is? Do all the things in ORDER are perfect and the things OUT OF ORDER, well, not so perfect? Not always. What fun does a perfectly perfect and orderly life hold! NONE. There’s fun in unpredictibility, there’s fun in situations going haywire; But only…


Weekly Photo Challenge- SHADOW With just a click of one switch we have lights. What about those who don’t have these switches?! They can either Work in the daylight or Wait for the street lights to be turned on. Here are a few pictures regarding the latter-

Weekly Photo Challenge- MIRROR

I love mirrors. They fascinate me. I have spent a lot of time in the past in clicking my reflections in all sorts of mirrors and other reflecting surfaces.     If only these mirrors, along with people’s outer appearance, could reflect their latent side as well!  The world would have been an easier place…

Weekly Photo Challenge- NARROW

Here’s my post for the prompt – Narrow. The first picture which pops up in my mind on hearing the word NARROW is that of a path tapering on of its end and gradually diminishing into a point. In this picture, there is no diminishing point; but the silhouette creates an idea of something mysterious…

Weekly Photo Challenge- DETAILS

In my junior classes I had read- Light itself cannot be seen but it can cause other objects to be seen! Seems like this picture defies that statement. Still, I cannot decide that which detailing is more dominant- The details of the path of the sunlight or The details of the piece of wood the…