Weekly Photo Challenge- SHADOW

With just a click of one switch we have lights. What about those who don’t have these switches?!

They can either

Work in the daylight or

Wait for the street lights to be turned on.

Here are a few pictures regarding the latter-

What you lookin’ at?!
Study time!
Photo please!
Tricolor in making! ( Painting the Indian Flag a day before the Independence Day)

Weekly Photo Challenge- MIRROR

I love mirrors. They fascinate me.

I have spent a lot of time in the past in clicking my reflections in all sorts of mirrors and other reflecting surfaces.


Here I am, my reflection rather, in the side mirror of my scooty. The letters on the mirror read- OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.


If only these mirrors, along with people’s outer appearance, could reflect their latent side as well!  The world would have been an easier place then! What do you say?

Weekly Photo Challenge- Mirror.

Weekly Photo Challenge- NARROW

Here’s my post for the prompt – Narrow.

The first picture which pops up in my mind on hearing the word NARROW is that of a path tapering on of its end and gradually diminishing into a point.

In this picture, there is no diminishing point; but the silhouette creates an idea of something mysterious and unexpected imminent in one’s life.

For me, it symbolises the unexpected turn of events in a person’s path of life.

What meaning does it hold for you?



Weekly Photo Challenge- DETAILS

In my junior classes I had read- Light itself cannot be seen but it can cause other objects to be seen!

Seems like this picture defies that statement.

Still, I cannot decide that which detailing is more dominant-

The details of the path of the sunlight or

The details of the piece of wood the light is passing through or

The details of the room which is glowing in the magnificence of the sunlight

Decide for yourself and let me know!


It is a wooden partition kept in our living room. One fine afternoon, I walked into the room and was struck by the brilliance of the view in front of me. I procured my phone and clicked what you see.




Weekly Photo Challenge – PARTNERS

When I think of partners , I think of people. And when I think of people closest to me , I think of this girl-my sister.

She is just a year elder to me. So you can fathom the profound amicable bond that we share.

She is not only a sister but also a friend, a confidante, a supporter, one whom you can irritate to any level and still be forgiven,a motivator, one whom you have a terrible fight with without any fear of losing her…

But…But… She  is leaving for college in a few days. I always knew that this day was coming, but when it has finally come, I feel monstrously bad and hollow…😦


She is the taller one here and I the one who looks like a boy😂





(We lack good pictures together.)

[Weekly Photo Challenge- Partners]