Kudos to NIHAR JANGA and JAIRAM HATHWAR. It was amazingly F-R-A-B-J-O-U-S (my limited vocabulary could think of no better word).

The recent annunciation of the winners of the prestigious Scripp’s National Spelling  Bee came as no surprise. The winner had to be a PIO(People of Indian Origin). PIOs simply rule this prestigious contest.
Some erstwhile statistics of these competition presenting Indians in a brighter light are-

*15 of the last 19 winners of this competition are South-Asians.
*PIOS have been winning this competition for the 9th time in a row.

This is despite the PIOs accounting only 1%, a small iota, of the total American  population.

So what actually is the reason behind this flabbergasting results  which have made the people all around the world dumb-founded?

English is the second language for the Indians. It has been proved beyond doubt that a person understands(and therefore uses) the second language better than he or she does the first language. People take special care to pronounce the words,  avoid usage error of certain words, keep the grammar in mind(etc.) of second the language making them even better at the language than the denizens.

Then the Indian expatriates are the people who are highly-educated, highly  positioned and have reached a much craved authority. They have a great  opulence of knowledge and transfer this trait to their young ones. These overambitious parents focus on their child’s learning as much as they do on their breathing!!

Furthermore typical Indian parents leave no stone unturned to instill the spirit of competition in their children. It’s DO OR DIE for them in whih Indians prefer DOING. ‘Rote’, ‘learn’,’study’, ‘first’ etc are some of many words that even an Indian  infant would be wont to.

As a result, the toilsome nature of the Indians is innate. Indian students are industrious, full of perseverance and give less priorities to other activities.

This attribute may be lamented by people elsewhere but India. However it is appreciated if it results in bringing laurels to our country(which it did).

So while the Americans are gross about this and are bemoaning the success of the PIOs over social – networking platforms, another Indian might be swotting hard for the next  Scripp’s National Spelling Bee contest.



Once you have read this paragraph , close your eyes for a while and imagine the two scenarios I present here.1) You received an email from your friend. It is after a long time that you have heard from him/her. You read the email, smile, re-live the moments you spent with the person. You even may archive the email. You are ecstatic. 2) The doorbell rings. You open the door. Startingly, you see a postman right in front of your eyes who hands you a letter(a letter for me!?…you get the young Harry Potter feeling). You open the letter and find out that it is from the same old friend you had not talked in years. You wonder what pains- writing the letter manually, going to the post office, getting the stamps on, putting it in the post box, waiting for you to receive it- your friend has undertaken. You are ecstatic again.

Now close your eyes and imagine.


Okay! Both the scenarios were   evocative. But which one was more heart-warming? Undoubtedly, certainly, assuredly the latter one. And it is the latter one only that I refer to as THE LOST ART(of writing letter and hopefully receiving them too).

Letters are a hassle. They are cumbersome, vexatious, time-taking and all that they should not be in today’s fast-paced world. But what makes them stand out is that they are PERSONAL. Emails or other forms of virtual messages are typed, sent, received, read and forgotten unlike mails which are treasured as a souvenir till eternity and beyond.Emails are tangible. They can be touched, felt, smelt.

I am not asking everyone to send all their messages through mails. That would be very slow and cumbersome. All I am asking people is to send mails occasionally(say once a month) to a person you care, you love, you want to show what they mean to you.
(In a way you will also be instrumental in increasing the postal revenue of the country. So, in a way would be helping your country financially.😜)

So here is an earnest plea to the fellow readers- please, please, PLEASE, write(do not type, howsoever bad a handwriting you may have) a letter to be sent via mail and encourage your friends to do the same. It is the last resort in saving the fading art.

Consider you work done when you actually hear a doorbell and on opening the door you see a postman who hands you letter addressed to you.