I am Sucheta Chaurasia, the owner of this personal blog.

I am  an eleventh-grader a twelfth-grader college goer now.

I hail from a beautiful and regal city- Lucknow, of a very beautiful and incredible country- India.

I am partly a taciturn and partly a jabberer, partly solemn and partly jovial (in a nutshell, I am full of oxymorons).

Food is my weakness. I can eat anything and everything, in any amount, at any point of time and hence the profile picture!😜

I am a philosopher at mind and a child at heart- this is what precisely defines me.

Photography, calligraphy, enhancing general knowledge, reading, playing badminton and making others smile or laugh are some of my other interests.

When I wonder why am I troubling my readers with my personal accounts, I recall Robin Sharma’s following words – “If your life is worth thinking about, it is worth writing about.” I shut up and get to my business right away.

As my literary stint, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING . There are tonnes of more works to come in. Also, I’ll be adding more pages in the coming time. So watch out and keep coming for more and more and more(simply multiply it by infinity)!!!😁

Here is an earnest plea to all those reading this-

If you really like my work, please like, share and comment. After all, appreciation and sincere appraisal is what makes us writers keep going, isn’t it?

That’s all there is from me for now.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey Sucheta
    You have a nice blog…
    Also,I am foodie too..A foodie relates to another foodie..
    Keep writing..Great connecting with you


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