My second award!

Thanks a lot vinis2blog for awarding me with this. It feels awesome to know that your work is reaching out to so many people. It acts as fuel to make the blogger keep going. Thankyou for providing me with the fuel. People, do check her blog out…

8 months ago I started my journey as a blogger. Since then a lot has changed positively in me. Blogging has given me a tremendous experience which no other thing can provide me with. I see the world through my blog. I meet people from all across the globe while sitting cosily at my study table, here in Lucknow, India.

Hope Blogging is an eternal journey for me; a journey with an exquisite path but no abrupt or final destination.



  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you
  3. Share 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate 10 blogs



I had to think a lot for choosing those seven things. Seven is too little. Seven is too much. Only Seven! Oh my god- Seven!  So here the the seven things that made it to the finals-

  • I get bored very easily.
  • I get cheered up very easily.
  • I have never ever met a person who hasn’t amazed/shocked/saddened/delighted me. Every person has a supremely intriguing story behind her/him. And each of those stories is worth putting down into words.
  • I am a pro at procrastinating. For instance- I received this award more than 10 days ago and NOW I receive it.
  • I have no particularly favourite song or a singer or a band. Some of my favourites range from the songs of Kishore Kumar to Arjit Singh; from Beatles to One Direction and Maroon 5…and the list goes on…
  • I think overthink a lot.
  • I am an introvert(and not shy, as I earlier thought myself to be.)

Bonus(because seven is too little)

  • I find it lovely to see people, specially my near and dear ones, smile. It’s lovelier when I am the reason which makes them smile.




Splendid Blogging!


My First Nomination! I cannot thank THE LIVING ME enough for nominating me. Do check out THE LIVING ME ! It’s awesomely awesome(it’s an under-statement though)!

The Rules are as follows-

1: Write a post to show your award.

2: Thank the person that nominated you.

3: Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.

4: Give advice to other bloggers.

5: Nominate the deserving ones.


I have always loved writing. It all started with my writing funny and somewhat inconsequential poetry in my mother tongue- Hindi. People around me loved them. Then I began writing in English too. People loved that as well. Writing essays and flash fiction followed. Then I took writing as a hobby. By and by, it became my favourite past time. But now it is no longer a way to pass time. It is a fuel to get me going in my day-to-day life. Feeling happy- write. Feeling Sad- write. Feeling nothing-write. Just write.

But somehow, it dawned on me that simply writing in my diary, which no one except me would ever read, is not enough. Why not something larger? Something grand?

And hence the BLOG.😃

I love this place. I see the world through different blogs. I meet amazing people, all from different walks from life.

I was apprehensive at first- How would it be? How would I manage it? Would people like my work?

But no more of it now. This is such an undescribably magnificent place to belong to. I talk to people I have never met. I travel places I have never been to…

You get what I am trying to say, do you not?



Keep writing- Anything that comes to your mind. Every thought of every person is worth pondering over. Let your thoughts be known to others. Who knows that you might have a revolutionary thought in your mind?!

Keep reading- That’s where ideas come from. Learn new things to write about. Widen your knowledge. Expand your knowledge. Pick up a dusty magazine from an abandoned corner of your home and just read it through. How about months-old newspapers, or your brother’s comics, or a cook-book…

Seriously, just read whatever you can get your hands on. READ.

Keep praising– Nothing seems more pleasing than a comment telling you that how lovely your blog is. Is it not? If you do not like a post, do not praise. It is perfectly alright. But if you do like a post, PRAISE IT. Do let the writer know that how brilliant her post was. You would only lose a couple of minutes but they would have their day made. You would be the reason they would care to write another post. I mean, who does not love their blogging account full of likes and comments and other notifications?


Who do I nominate?  There are so many proficient bloggers out there.

For now, here are a few nominees-

AMIR. His is a way different kind of blog! Check it out to see why.

OLOWOKEREISAAC. You will assuredly love his blog.

KHUSHI BAJAJ. It has varied contents on diverse matters. Visit it to know more.

Happy Blogging!