Long time back I visited a park where there was this huge fountain. Struck by its monstrous heights and the prodigious amount of foam being produced by it, I tried to deduce the physics behind it. Having pondered for a while, I reached my answer-” So the vehement rotatory force of its internal motor is causing the water to flow so rapidly that it’s producing such a colossal amount of foam.”

A smirk hung around my lips. How genius of me! Deduced the answer on my own accord!

Notwithstanding, to confirm the answer with a person of greater knowledge on the topic and to magnify my complacency, I asked the caretaker of the park, ” Why is it producing so much of foam?”

So confident was I that he would answer exactly as I had thought, I was already giving myself a lot of airs.

He replied, ” We put some amount of detergent in it. The detergent produces the foam which you can see here.”

My entire world came crashing down to earth right in front of my eyes. How could I be wrong?!

Years later, now, I am happy, for the simple fact that I know the correct answer. I could have simply inferred the answer by the dint of my own logic and could have went back home happily with my answer, but wrong answer. But asking the caretaker provided me with the correct answer, even though it made me appear a fool in my own eyes.

That, my friends, is the magic of spirit of inquiry. It always leaves you astounded with bizarre, unexpected but correct answers…

So, here are just two words to end this post with-

Happy Questioning!


What is stress (or its synonyms- tension, load, pressure…) ?

It’s just a STATE OF MIND.
Nothing else.

It’s merely a self-created green-eyed monster which snatches the moments of comfort and tranquility from one’s waking hours.

There’s only one kind of stress which,according to me, is appreciable,
And that is-

STRESSING on being calm.


Today morning my father wished me a happy Fool’s day. I let out a giggle and forgot to wish him the same.

When the call ended, I thought that it was quite decent of me to not have wished him a happy Fool’s day, as it was not a day supposed to be wished to a father.

But then,again a thought(these thoughts, I tell you!) perturbed my mind- ” What made him wish me that?!”

[Written on 1st of April ’15]




A wait of 364 (or 365 days, in case of leap years ) × 24 hours ends in just 24 hours. It would be better if ‘THIS’ most-awaited day never comes and we die in its anticipation!



Birthdays- they just go as if they had never come.