The long borne wish was going to be fulfilled today (early) morning. Finally, after years of longing and laziness, I was to visit that one tea stall which had been everyone’s recommendation. The ‘Let-us-not-name-it’ Tea Stall spoiled it for me(as it would for any other chai-lover as well) What you see here is Disappointment objectified….

When The Cuckoo Coos

Today morning, as I was taking a solitary walk around the campus and was admiring its tranquillity, a cuckoo’s melodious chirp happened to catch my attention. Immediately looking up, I tried to find out which tree was the bird sitting on. A young lady, standing nearby, smiled at me helplessly. Nevertheless, I continued with my…

A Cut Below

Me- Uncle, bass thode chhote hi kijiyega…[Uncle, make it only a bit short…] Uncle- Theek, samajh gaye![Okay, got it!] (‘Chhuk chhuk’ goes his scissors, snipping off my hair a bit there, a bit here. A bit more here, a bit more there. I sit there wondering how skilled he is at his craft! ) Uncle-…


Two versions of truth; You say something, I something Both can be correct!   A/N: This is my first and feeble attempt at SENRYU, a form of Japanese poetry. I know, there’s still way to go for me. Let me know how you found this one. Any new suggestion is more than welcomed.


पल प्रतिपल बच्चे बढते चले जाते हैं इस तथ्य को वे नहीं स्वीकार पाते हैं शायद इसलिये ही, उनके लिये, बच्चे बड़े नहीं, कपड़े छोटे हो जाते हैं..


It isn’t as bad as it looks. It isn’t as good as it looks. It just IS.


How do I know if I am worthless and that I am not utilising by total capability? You know it when you have time enough to think about it!


Why do you like her?   I knew she looks beautiful. Now I know she is beautiful.


You can ignore a person only for two reasons: One, you really hate the person; Two, you fear getting to close to the person.


Of course! Ignorance is Bliss ; but not when it comes from you, a person I cared for so much.