What follows is the 2-minutes’ speech I recently delivered in a competition held in my city(Lucknow, India). It lead me to bag the third prize.

“Good evening, everyone.

John F. Kennedy once said
” Together we should save our planet or together we should perish in its flames.”

He said this 55 years ago but this quotation still stands true. What’s happening? June in the month of April ?! The biggest misconception we have is that someone else will come and save our planet; but the fact is that everyone  present out here has to say,” I , yes I will save the planet.”

However, what has happened, has happened. What next? I suggest- LET’S GO BACK TO VILLAGES. Not literally but atleast we can draw some inspirations from there.


The newspaper coverage of the competition.[There I am, with my mother, in the right corner (below the picture of the two girls)]

We can revive their practice of commuting using bicycles and public transport. Though we have made a commendable progress in promoting the use of bicycles yet we have to do a lot more to advocate the use of public transport. This is 1.

2. Why not make some of our prominent institutions solar powered just as the village ‘Dhrarnai’ in Bihar or the two villages of Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh? This would serve as an example for many such future ventures.

3.  Let’s become one with the nature again, emotionally. Take care of birds and animals. Feed them. Adopt a row of trees. Nurture them. Do not litter. These are the basics yet we seem to have forgotten them.

” When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, the last stream poisoned, you will realise that you cannot eat money.”

Now is the time to awake, arise and attend the call of duty.

Let us all save our mother earth before we all perish in the flames of her final cessation.
Go green or go home!”