धुँधला जहाँ

चश्मा मैं उतार कर रख दूँ यहीं,
फिर देखूँ ये जहाँ,
कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही..

जो हो रहा हो गलत, दिखे मुझे ठीक
चाहे हो ऐसा एक पल के लिए ही अभी
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

झूठ में ही, देखूँ जब कोई नारी, तो दिखे
ऐसी नारी, डर-भय से जो दूर रही
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

नजर पड़े न मेरी शख्स की चालाकी पर
दिखे तो दिखे सिर्फ पाक शख्स वही
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

दिखे मुझे ऐसा जहाँ, जहाँ जंग, अशान्ति,
नफरत सब रहमत की जुस्तजू में बही
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

दिखे मुझे अपनी शक्ल आइने में
पर शक्ल पर मुरझाई हंसी नहीं
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

चश्मा मैं उतार कर रख दूँ यहीं,
फिर देखूँ ये जहाँ,
कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही
धुँधला ही सही…



They collided and fell, hard.

“You alright?”

“I am. You? It was a bad fall.”

“Yeah! But don’t you hide. Your face tells you are hurt. Tell me.”

“Eh! Look at your face. It is worse than it normally is. You are hurt. Let me see it.”

“I said I am fine. And my face? At least it is better than yours. Yours seems to be a smashed pumpkin!”

“You are so short and your face so distorted that you resemble a seventy-year old grumpy granny stuck in a child’s body!!!”

“How curt!”

“Wait! You are not even a girl. You have more facial hair than me.”

“Oh, no no no!!! It’s the other way round. You have more of female hormones than me!”

“That’s not even poss…”

“Which is why you are not a man enough to accept that you are hurt right now.”

“I AM COMPLETELY ALRIGHT. Totally fine. But you are not okay.”

“I am also good. I am okay.”

“Okay then”



A guffaw ensued by both of them. Ah! Childlike purity in those high-schoolers! Certainly a sight to behold.

They helped each other get up, dusted themselves, picked up their bicycles and continued ahead; still laughing.

The truth was- both were hurt, bad.

But the truth also was that their pains were already half-cured in each other’s loving and caring presence.

Or maybe there wasn’t any pain at all because they didn’t feel any.

He, unmindful of the scratches on his shin, and she, oblivious to the grazes on her elbow, bantered and dissolved into laughter all their way through…




पल प्रतिपल बच्चे बढते चले जाते हैं

इस तथ्य को वे नहीं स्वीकार पाते हैं

शायद इसलिये ही, उनके लिये,

बच्चे बड़े नहीं, कपड़े छोटे हो जाते हैं..

Weekly Photo Challenge- ORDER

Is ‘order’ invariably the ‘order of day’. How important it actually is?

Do all the things in ORDER are perfect and the things OUT OF ORDER, well, not so perfect?

Not always.

What fun does a perfectly perfect and orderly life hold! NONE.

There’s fun in unpredictibility, there’s fun in situations going haywire; But only when they can be mended right at some point of time in near future.




This post is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge- ORDER …


When was the last time you got offended?
A month ago?
A week ago?
Today ?
While reading the title?(Who knows, for, apparently, getting offended is the new cool!)

What’s happening? Have we lost the ability to laugh at ourselves? Seems so.
Has it really become so intolerable that a jibe or joke is aimed at us and we can’t let it off without being offended?

I write this through experience.

Barely months ago, while talking to a friend and her friend, I, unmindfully jibed at her(my friend’s friend) . Little did I know that my seemingly unhurtful remark would so offend her that I would receive a message of the length of short newspaper column(yes!) that coming evening(of course about telling me about my ‘misdemeanour’ and how I had put her off in the presence of other students!!! )

This is only one instance of numerous such episodes.
And this is just my example. Assuredly, many of my fellow readers would have been a part of such a predicament.

So, it has come to this that people who cannot help but pull a joke every now and then, like me, cannot be their usual self without giving out a verbal disclaimer- “Sorry to say but”, “Don’t take it the wrong way but”, “I do not mean to offend you but”…- before fighting their conscience(Should I say this or should I not?) to pull that joke!

No wonder it’s an era of growing stress and cynicism! Dejection, anxiety, apprehension seems to pervade every other indivisual. This further creates a vague sense of social insecurity.

The problem is so grave that I fear people wont to their wit and frenzy would stop cracking jokes at all.
Imagine, a world without self- depreciating and slapstick comedy! Certainly not a world Charlie Chaplin would have dreamt of.

I believe, joke ‘crackers’ should undauntingly crack jokes as and when they feel to and the joke ‘crackee’ should take it in good humour, come what may.

After all, aren’t there enough problems already that people should create more of them through a medium that is supposedly meant to ease those problems- humour?

Here is a thoughtful thought by Joss Wedon to be kept in mind-

“Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.”

So, joke. Spread smiles, laughter, grins, smirks.
Make yourself and people around you happier.

Need another reason for being humourous?
Psychologists from Medical University, Vienna, have concluded that people who crack dark jokes and also people who can understand those jokes hone their intelligence and cognitive skills.

Enough said.

Readers, please, joke and let joke.


Weekly Photo Challenge- SHADOW

With just a click of one switch we have lights. What about those who don’t have these switches?!

They can either

Work in the daylight or

Wait for the street lights to be turned on.

Here are a few pictures regarding the latter-

What you lookin’ at?!
Study time!
Photo please!
Tricolor in making! ( Painting the Indian Flag a day before the Independence Day)