Weekly Photo Challenge- BRIDGE

What connects the world?


What connects people?

Shared interests.

My school organised a 5-day long International Mathematics Contest- International Young Mathematicians’ Convention.

This mega convergence brought over 550 children together from over 19 countries and bonded them together in a thread of shared passion-Mathematics.

IYMC was not about winning or losing; for whether one wins or loses, one thing is surely gained- Experience.

The event- INTERNATIONAL YOUNG MATHEMATICIANS’ CONVENTION- acted as the BRIDGE between 19 countries and brought them closer together.



FB_IMG_1494522810989 (1).jpg

Every participant left as better versions of themselves.

In the words of John Lennon

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Some feelings are better experienced than told; and IYMC was definitely one such feeling!


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” Ma’am, I clearly deserve full marks here! I’ve written the correct definition.”

” No, that’s not the exact definition. ”

” But ma’am, this is exactly the definition of ‘Ecosystem’ given in our E.V.S. book.”

” Do I teach you E.V.S.? I teach Geography! Is this the definition given in your Geography textbook?”

” No ma’am, but Ecosystem means the same everywhere. Is it given wrong in the E.V.S. book then?”

” Stop arguing! Listen to what I say! Write this definition in your E.V.S. exam not Geography! Go to your seat now.”

That day, one fine day in class 3rd, I understood what rote learning actually is by the virtue of a teacher who, maybe, herself had been it’s(rote learning’s) victim.

Though I understood it, I quite didn’t imbibe it, which cost me a lot of marks in all my subjects in the later classes as well.

I lost marks when on differentiating between ‘animal cell’ and ‘plant cell’ I did not write the ‘important’ points my  teacher made the students mark in their textbooks; for apparently the rest of the differences were not really differences but just some arbitrary information!

I lost marks when instead of giving a long(5 marks long!) explanation of the temperature zones of the earth, I gave a short explanation with a suitable, and self-explanatory, diagram.

I lost marks when I arriculated the ‘Causes of the Revolt of 1857’ in three-fourths of a page when the teacher expected a one full page long answer. I wish I had written the same in a bigger hand-writing!

I lost marks even on correctly evaluating the area enclosed by the given curve because I missed a step in ‘showing’ that it was really me who solved the question!

Sadly Gladly, I was never the class topper. Gladly, I was never a parrot. Gladly, what others roted in two hours, I understood in one. Gladly, I always scored less.

But I sincerely look forward to the day in near future when someone would ask me- ” What do you understand by Ecosystem?”

And I would say-

“Ahem, precisely, it’s the inter-dependent  relation between organisms and their environment, but don’t believe me! My class 3rd E.V.S. textbook said ‘this’ and my Geography textbook said ‘that’…”


” You prefer E.V.S. or Geography?”

Weekly Photo Challenge- TRANSIENT

What’s ephemeral?

Well, what’s eternal- that should be the question!

20170621_053930 (1)
DEW- A moment it is there; another, it isn’t…
RAINDROPS- condensation and evaporation, eh?!
LASTLY- Every moment is transient.
Capture it before it vanishes…



You walk with me to the farthest of lands.

I’ll be with you for each step, holding hands.


In this expanse, you be and let me be.

Though two yet one, we’ll ride infinity.


I’ll rule the earth, and soar like a dove above,

And while people fall, I will fly in love…


A/N: So, I was trying something new! Poetry is not exactly my forte, but when i want to write it, I want to write it well. 

So I experimented with ‘Iambic Pentameter’ , a beautiful form of poetry. Do tell me how you found it…


धुँधला जहाँ

चश्मा मैं उतार कर रख दूँ यहीं,
फिर देखूँ ये जहाँ,
कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही..

जो हो रहा हो गलत, दिखे मुझे ठीक
चाहे हो ऐसा एक पल के लिए ही अभी
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

झूठ में ही, देखूँ जब कोई नारी, तो दिखे
ऐसी नारी, डर-भय से जो दूर रही
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

नजर पड़े न मेरी शख्स की चालाकी पर
दिखे तो दिखे सिर्फ पाक शख्स वही
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

दिखे मुझे ऐसा जहाँ, जहाँ जंग, अशान्ति,
नफरत सब रहमत की जुस्तजू में बही
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

दिखे मुझे अपनी शक्ल आइने में
पर शक्ल पर मुरझाई हंसी नहीं
… कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही…

चश्मा मैं उतार कर रख दूँ यहीं,
फिर देखूँ ये जहाँ,
कि ये जहाँ धुँधला ही सही
धुँधला ही सही…


They collided and fell, hard.

“You alright?”

“I am. You? It was a bad fall.”

“Yeah! But don’t you hide. Your face tells you are hurt. Tell me.”

“Eh! Look at your face. It is worse than it normally is. You are hurt. Let me see it.”

“I said I am fine. And my face? At least it is better than yours. Yours seems to be a smashed pumpkin!”

“You are so short and your face so distorted that you resemble a seventy-year old grumpy granny stuck in a child’s body!!!”

“How curt!”

“Wait! You are not even a girl. You have more facial hair than me.”

“Oh, no no no!!! It’s the other way round. You have more of female hormones than me!”

“That’s not even poss…”

“Which is why you are not a man enough to accept that you are hurt right now.”

“I AM COMPLETELY ALRIGHT. Totally fine. But you are not okay.”

“I am also good. I am okay.”

“Okay then”



A guffaw ensued by both of them. Ah! Childlike purity in those high-schoolers! Certainly a sight to behold.

They helped each other get up, dusted themselves, picked up their bicycles and continued ahead; still laughing.

The truth was- both were hurt, bad.

But the truth also was that their pains were already half-cured in each other’s loving and caring presence.

Or maybe there wasn’t any pain at all because they didn’t feel any.

He, unmindful of the scratches on his shin, and she, oblivious to the grazes on her elbow, bantered and dissolved into laughter all their way through…




पल प्रतिपल बच्चे बढते चले जाते हैं

इस तथ्य को वे नहीं स्वीकार पाते हैं

शायद इसलिये ही, उनके लिये,

बच्चे बड़े नहीं, कपड़े छोटे हो जाते हैं..

Weekly Photo Challenge- ORDER

Is ‘order’ invariably the ‘order of day’. How important it actually is?

Do all the things in ORDER are perfect and the things OUT OF ORDER, well, not so perfect?

Not always.

What fun does a perfectly perfect and orderly life hold! NONE.

There’s fun in unpredictibility, there’s fun in situations going haywire; But only when they can be mended right at some point of time in near future.




This post is in response to Weekly Photo Challenge- ORDER …