Winters make you lazy; or maybe they just expose your true character. Your indolence remains unchanged, only now you get a scapegoat to blame it all upon. “Bahot thand hai, yaar,(it is very cold)” is the shameless excuse to evade from every task (read: bath) and work (read: assignments). Only today, for once, I decided not to let the cold take the better of me.

Tumbling left and right in the blanket, having snoozed the alarms over a dozen times, I took a sneak peek at my phone screen. 09:03 AM- it read. I thought of getting out of my comfort zone, quite literally, and hence decided to go for a ride. However, I was still in the bed!

I gave my body a push, stretched, and then immediately got down on my feet. The floor felt cold and my limbs numb. Mumma, accustomed to my ways, had already prepared tea for me. It fuelled up my body. Within an hour, I was ready to take my bicycle out for a ride. I put on my helmet and a mask, wore my shoes, took some change money, turned on the distance tracker in my phone and set off.

Battling the numbing cold and also the gentle piercing wind, I peddled on. Winters in my city —Lucknow— are very picturesque and romantic. The entire city seemed to be set in a vintage hue. Cycling away quietly across a certain length of the city and watching people braving the winters in their own way – some rubbed their hands together, some stood by a bonfire, some simply shivered- is a little pleasure in its own. After having cycled aimlessly for over half an hour, a tea stall beckoned me. Or did I myself gravitate towards it? Oh yes, why else do you think I carried some change along? Tea! The perfect antidote to the winters. One wonders how cheap simple pleasures are! 

A Lone Walker Soldiering Along in the Chilly Winters

Having fuelled up yet again, I set out yet again. I was beginning to drown in ecstasy that my little act of freedom offered me. I was cycling without any single care; cycling away to a destination unknown; cycling as if I have nowhere to reach (that was true!); cycling without an iota of responsibility and obligation on my mind. Just then, my phone rang. It was my mother—“Pick up a loaf of brown bread and a few packets of biscuits on your way back! We have some guests over!” 

Oh, Frost! Is that what you meant by ‘keeping promises’? My excursion was chilly, fun, and romantic; but I had some ration to buy. What did you have to do? Did you suddenly remember the grocery list your mother had handed you over as you galloped across the lovely, dark, and deep woods? Ah, these promises, I tell you!

I reach home with the stuff. After greeting the guests with the customary ‘Namaste’, I turn to the kitchen. There was some tea left. I help myself with a big cupful of tea (this time with biscuits too) and head to my room. I get into my cozy blanket and grab my laptop to type this out as I sip my hot tea peacefully.  Life, ever so beautiful, comes in full circles. Contrary to its very nature, winters are all about warmth!

(All the pictures have been clicked by the writer herself.)


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