Walking, as recommended by doctors, who themselves are mostly adorned with a bulging belly, is a healthy and easy way to keep oneself in a proper shape. My years’ long on and off spell of early morning walking makes me realise it.

Recently, on my miraculous revival of this early morning routine (thanks to the momentary fitness fervour of my parents) I realised- if looked at closely, early morning walking can not only be a heathy but also a humorous exercise.

There are, you see, different kinds of walkers with their own version of hilarity. My long (3 days to be exact) spell of walking has made me draw the following sketches based on careful observations…


They are the most efficient ones. They make the most of their time and also body, simultaneously. They role their necks and arms, bend their bodies backward, forward, sideward, heavenward… all while walking. A few days more, allowing their bodies to be more and more conditioned, we can expect them to go somersaulting as well.


Old, either because of their long time of knowing each other, or their age, or sometimes both. They are complementary to each other. They dress alike, walk alike (sometimes, equally slow). Under special cases, they make even start to look alike.


They are a boisterous group of 5-6 friends. They take quick steps to be ahead of each other in what seems to be an unsaid race. 2-3 of the friends even leap and jump to be at par with the rest. They laugh, banter and disturb all the way long.


They are the married couple, walking in tandem with every step of the other partner. They would possibly be talking about their children’s studies, marriage or good-for-nothingness. An occasional smile or a frown can be spotted on their face every now and then. Soon, they hurry up, realising that it is time to prepare the morning tea and breakfast back at home; and thereafter leave for office.


This is the perfect duo- A person and the most trusted four-legged companion. Here, the master does not lead the way, but it is the other way round. The dog decides the way, the halts and the pace; which the master most abidingly follows. Sometimes it gives an impression that the dog has take the master out for a walk (which, in most cases, might be true as well).


If I may romantically put it- they might seem alone, but are not necessarily lonely. Just like a horse with blinders on its eyes, these walkers keep on marching ahead. They are the fastest and they go the farthest. While we take one step and chat away with our partner, they take two and speed up ahead. They are simply the best.

The list is endless.

It all boil downs to this- somewhere we have made our lives so motorised and ‘fuel’ed up that we have to spare a few minutes for something as natural as walking. And if you are anything like me, sometimes that too is even not possible. Laziness and complacency at its best!

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  1. I always love the mix of humour and reality in your writing. Really nice and meaningful.


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