The corona virus is in the air and is here to stay for a long time. No known vaccine has surfaced so far and it will take probably at least another year for the vaccine to be made available for the patients around the globe. Hospitals have run out of beds for patients (and in some cases, no beds are available even for the doctors who were treating the patients but unfortunately themselves fell prey to the virus!). We have always known that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and now is the best time to understand it. Appropriate distancing, masks, and hand sanitisers are the ultimate shield in these times. 

Masks. Let us talk about masks.

In the few unfortunate times that I had to venture out of the house for some essentials, I saw various fascinating ways in which people wore their masks. Some of the interesting fellows and their unique ways of wearing masks are noted below. The reader may follow the following trends at their own risk.

These are the ultimate perfectionists. Their mask is clean, and is worn neatly, duly covering the nose and the mouth, just as it should. This is the most ideal way of stepping out of your homes. They should be awarded the highest trend-setting awards. This trend is highly and strictly recommended.

They put one mask upon another mask! Yes! True story! They are the over-ambitious ones. It is like putting a password for your new account and then re-entering it. Well, the account has to be safe and sound after all. Good job.

They step out of their houses as the prim and proper ones, as mentioned above, but as soon as they reach their destination, say a departmental store or the vegetable vendors, they let go of the mask from one ear and let it hang from the other! The virus supposedly does not infect a person when they are busy in purchasing certain items. Maybe, the virus has a tie-up with the person and also gets a certain commission! 

When one gets tired of protecting themselves from the virus, they simply let the mask down (and also the humanity altogether) so that it is wrapped around like a necklace, thus making one seem neck-less. Maybe, the wearer wants to show off her new lipstick or his well-kempt beard. The virus can wait!

Similar to the neck-less, only that the wearer rests the mask on his/her head rather than on the neck. This way one’s newest lipstick, well-trimmed beard and other facial stuff can be shown-off easily. Totally hassle-free.  Fashion trends come and go; but some are here to stay for a long time. Maybe, this one too.

They are the meddlesome ones. With the habit of poking their nose in everybody’s business, they do not shy off from interfering with the corona virus as well! While their mask is properly tucked behind the ears, their nose pops out like a child peeping out of a curtain while playing hide-and-seek. I just hope the virus itself  does not seek them.

Who says you need a mask to guard yourself against the virus? Indians have always been known for their economical lifestyle, and honestly there is nothing wrong with that. When your once favourite old t-shirt can now be used to clean tables and kitchen slabs, your handkerchiefs and dupatta can surely become your make-shift mask. Hail thriftiness! 

They are anti-‘PRIM AND ROPER’; their arch-enemy. Simply put, these people do not wear masks at all! You thought the corona virus is mighty?! Well, these people are mightier; at least their will-power is. How dare the invisible virus haunt them? No way! For virus may come and virus may go, but such bravehearts go on forever…
Strongly NOT recommended.

Humans have witnessed one calamity after another. But, despite a few losses, we have always emerged victorious out of it. We learn and adapt accordingly. Take this pandemic for example. We have turned a necessity- the masks- into a style statement. 

So the question is not- Should we wear a mask or not?; but- What type and in what style should we wear it?

And the answer is- as you like it.

[Take my word- go for the PRIM AND PROPER one.]

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  1. Really, really nice writing. Sarcasm, humour, information, advice, everything on point!


    1. Sucheta says:

      Thanks a lot, bhaiya.
      Hope you are doing well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m all fine, repeatedly forcing myself to wear my mask in the “prim and proper” way. Hope you’re doing that too!


      2. Sucheta says:

        I am not even stepping out of the house. When in the rare times I do, it is the ‘prim and proper’ way.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha..badhiyaaa


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