” Ma’am, I clearly deserve full marks here! I’ve written the correct definition.”

” No, that’s not the exact definition. ”

” But ma’am, this is exactly the definition of ‘Ecosystem’ given in our E.V.S. book.”

” Do I teach you E.V.S.? I teach Geography! Is this the definition given in your Geography textbook?”

” No ma’am, but Ecosystem means the same everywhere. Is it given wrong in the E.V.S. book then?”

” Stop arguing! Listen to what I say! Write this definition in your E.V.S. exam not Geography! Go to your seat now.”

That day, one fine day in class 3rd, I understood what rote learning actually is by the virtue of a teacher who, maybe, herself had been it’s(rote learning’s) victim.

Though I understood it, I quite didn’t imbibe it, which cost me a lot of marks in all my subjects in the later classes as well.

I lost marks when on differentiating between ‘animal cell’ and ‘plant cell’ I did not write the ‘important’ points my  teacher made the students mark in their textbooks; for apparently the rest of the differences were not really differences but just some arbitrary information!

I lost marks when instead of giving a long(5 marks long!) explanation of the temperature zones of the earth, I gave a short explanation with a suitable, and self-explanatory, diagram.

I lost marks when I arriculated the ‘Causes of the Revolt of 1857’ in three-fourths of a page when the teacher expected a one full page long answer. I wish I had written the same in a bigger hand-writing!

I lost marks even on correctly evaluating the area enclosed by the given curve because I missed a step in ‘showing’ that it was really me who solved the question!

Sadly Gladly, I was never the class topper. Gladly, I was never a parrot. Gladly, what others roted in two hours, I understood in one. Gladly, I always scored less.

But I sincerely look forward to the day in near future when someone would ask me- ” What do you understand by Ecosystem?”

And I would say-

“Ahem, precisely, it’s the inter-dependent  relation between organisms and their environment, but don’t believe me! My class 3rd E.V.S. textbook said ‘this’ and my Geography textbook said ‘that’…”


” You prefer E.V.S. or Geography?”

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  1. Rupali says:

    We (means really we, the Indian system either education or society or family) are good in killing any creativity right from the beginning. No offence to any individual.


    1. Sucheta says:

      I have many friends who know far more than the top scorers but this doesn’t reflect on their(friends’) report cards…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Audrey says:

    Sigh…this reminds me of what happened to my nephew’s math paper. He solved the problem in a simpler way instead of the way the teacher taught and sadly he was not awarded any marks even though he arrived at the same correct answer.


    1. Sucheta says:

      Oh, this problem is prevalent everywhere…
      Are we producing learners or parrots?


  3. Ashish kumar says:

    This is a general problem persisting in our education system… Memorize like a parrot and vomit in the exam. Doesn’t matter whether you understood it or not… This is really disgusting…

    I have nominated you for Unique Blogger Award… Check this… 🙂


    1. Sucheta says:

      That’s sad and something that needs to be changed.

      Thankyou for the nomination.😊

      Liked by 1 person

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