Weekly Photo Challenge- NARROW

Here’s my post for the prompt – Narrow.

The first picture which pops up in my mind on hearing the word NARROW is that of a path tapering on of its end and gradually diminishing into a point.

In this picture, there is no diminishing point; but the silhouette creates an idea of something mysterious and unexpected imminent in one’s life.

For me, it symbolises the unexpected turn of events in a person’s path of life.

What meaning does it hold for you?



12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- NARROW

  1. This is indeed a prudent interpretation and that shows in the picture. One thought though if you could crop the foreground a bit till the mat and leave the passage, the illumination would give it much more mystical look. Beautiful click btw! 🙂


  2. Narrow paths are often ignored but many leads you to greatness. 😊

    Another thing that came to my mind was Robert Frost. (A beautiful post to read on a morning(Waking up late 😋)).
    Thanks, Sucheta!!


  3. This picture certainly has an ethereal feel to it. Nice capture. AS for the meaning, I would say it seems to me like the person (silhouette) has moved into a brighter phase leaving the darkness behind. Like I read somewhere, always face the sunshine and the shadows will be behind you!


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