Well, it’s a very fascinating mental disorder!
Disorder and fascinating! – so you would think.

Here’s my take on this disorder-

First, let me delineate what it actually is-
As the name suggests, this depression is mainly suffered by Olympic players, specially by Olympic winners and even more specially by Olympic Gold winners!

Because all an athlete/players thinks or CAN think all throughout her life is to win that coveted accolade. And once having won that, her eternal joy of pursuit is replaced by the ephemeral uneasiness of attainment(you read that right!) . Her sense of purpose dies then and there and there is nothing she can do about it now. She thinks,” That is how it feels to hold the GOLD? Is that it?”
Hence, she undergoes depression.

Astronauts, too, face a similar kind of depression. Once they are back on the earth, they find the earth inconsequential and meaningless. They think that now that I’ve been to the outer space, there is nothing left for me on this petty earth.
Hence they undergo depression. That is why agencies like NASA and ISRO employ psychologists to help the astronauts overcome their depression.

But this depression itself is the reason why an astronaut is unhappy with just one space trip. She goes back to the space again as nothing on earth can make her happy now.

Same is the case with mountaineers. Summitting just one peak doesn’t appease them. Every expedition leaves them wanting for more. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay started by climbing shorter peaks at first. It is when that their urge to climb was still unsatisfied that they scaled the highest, grandest and biggest- Mt Everest.

The crux is- After achieving a goal, do not stop. Your work doesn’t stop there, it starts from there(how clichéd?! But true).
Sense of purpose is an ever-growing ladder which only goes higher.

Do not let the fire within you die.
Do not let the excitement diminish.
Do not lose the sense of purpose.

If you understand this, then in the words of Rudyard Kipling, YOURS IS THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING THAT’S IN IT.

In case you are wondering what would cure the depression of that Olympic Gold winner, the answer is- ANOTHER GOLD; because this time nothing short of gold, not even silver, would quench the thirst of sense of purpose of that player.

Do not stop untill you have tried.
Never be easily satisfied.

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  1. Great great…. 🙂


    1. Sucheta says:



  2. SAUMYA says:

    Full of knowledge!
    Thank you for making me a part of your site (l am a reader)
    I love the facts!


    1. Sucheta says:

      Thankyou Saumya!😊


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