For Swasti, who had suggested me to write on this topic. Thank you😀!

This post is especially for those as well who are not well acquainted with the Indian Board Examinations( which is commonly known as ‘Boards’).

Boards are national/state level examinations, supposed to be taken by students of 10th and 12th standard.

Here I will be talking about about Boards of 10th standard.

Being an 11th- grader and looking back at the times of my being a 10th-grader, I have this analogy to make regarding the Boards-

“Boards are like that momentary fear which you experience while turning in your bed (during your sleep) that you will fall down on the floor but still you turn daringly, though waveringly, only to find a comfortable mattress underneath yourself.”


This is how one feels before the exams.😨


The fear of these examinations is instilled in students as early as in 8th-grade. And this fear is not intrinsic. It is forced upon us through many agents-

First, there are your ‘dear’ relatives, who play a significant role in heightening your irrational fear. All these years of your growing up, they will never care to inquire how well your studies are going on; but the moment it dawns upon them that now you are now in 10th standard(or as they say ‘in your board year’ ), they become the most considerate person regarding your studies. Then they blurt out their famous(infamous rather) dialogue, ” Beta, mehnat karna. Iss baar board year hai na(Child, study hard. This time you have the Board year, no)?!” This is the Prominent Dialogue Number 1, which you will here very commonly during these times. And with this, you get the first nail in your coffin.

The second nail is hammered in by our teachers.
They continue reminding us every single day-“Study hard. This year you have your boards” EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I remember the first day of my 10th standard. Fourth period, it was. Geography teacher entered the class. Her first words( after reciprocating to the children’s customary ‘Good Morning’ ) were-” Duffers get above 90. People like you should get above 95.”
Without her telling even once, we children understood that she’s talking about the expected percentage to be secured in the board exams.😰

Okay! This might be unexpected, but friends(not all but some) do play a significant part in increasing your irrational fear. On every day of the exam, they approach you with the most petrified expressions donned on their faces. Then they blabber the Prominent Dialogue Number 2 – “Yaar, I haven’t studied anything. Today I am gonna die. What about you? ” And you stand there, absolutely stupefied. The moment anyone utters this, be assured that he/she is thoroughly prepared for the exam.
Then comes another shocker from them, Prominent Dialogue Number 3– “Yaar, I slept for only 4 hours(some might even say 2- 3 hours).” And people like me, who can never compromise on their 6-7 hours of sleep, are dumbfounded again.( Just 4 hours of sleep?! Seriously! What are they going to do in their college? Not even blink?!)

These are only some of the factors which increase the fear of Boards. There are many more.

Then there are distractions. For instance-

When I had my Board Examinations(March, 2015), Cricket World Cup was going on. You ain’t an Indian if you don’t take a mighty interest in cricket. I couldn’t help but watch each of the matches played by our Men In Blue. EACH MATCH which went on for about 6-8 HOURS. 😀😰

England Open was another one. Who could not watch it when the Ace Shuttler- Saina Nehwal is playing?

There are many more of such distractions as well.

Guess what’s scarier than the Board examinations?
The 2 months long wait to get the result.
(We had got our result in the month of May.)

Guess what is the scariest thing?
Those moments wherein you login on the official website, put in your roll number, press OK and wait for the result, are the scariest of all. You can hear your heartbeat in the head, in the neck…everywhere…..

But with the results, a brilliant chapter of our lives- 10th standard, came to an end.😟

Once it’s all over, you’re like, ” Is that it? Is this what the entire hype was about?”



I got exactly 96%. Neither less nor more.

There I am- at number 32.☺

Now that I am in 11th standard, I can tell you that your percentage hardly matter. It may sound absurd, but it’s true. In 11th, a person with 82% is regarded just as a person with 97% is.

Everything changes- from teachers to the thickness of the book. 11th standard is entirely different, completely unlike 10th.

To end with, I would say just three words-

Dear readers, what about the examinations in your country?

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  1. reminds me of my BOARDS.. way back in 2006…


  2. STEFY NoEL says:

    seriously that year KILLED me…………………….but see boards I am still ALIVE;-)


    1. Sucheta says:

      Hahaha😂😂…True that


    2. Sucheta says:

      Hahaha😂😂…..true that!


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